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Dissemination is a female-fronted metal band that formed in August 2022 with international roots from all across the world, who share a love for heavy and melodic music. The band draws inspiration from real-life stories and doesn’t shy away from telling the unfiltered truth in their lyrics.

Influenced by bands like Children of Bodom, Tool, Dream Theater, and Avenged Sevenfold, the band blends melodic and instrumental elements into their heavy and aggressive sound. Their complex arrangements and powerful riffs showcase their technical proficiency and musicianship.

Dissemination has been performing and recording since their formation continuously. Their first single release “Childish Theater” in November 2022 gained early traction with over 2000 streams within two weeks. Known for their dynamic live performances and hard-hitting sound, Dissemination delivers an unforgettable experience. Currently Dissemination is recording their first EP which will showcase their unique sound and music.

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Email: info@disseminationband.com
Location: Vienna, Austria