Dissemination is a hot new female fronted metal band based in Vienna, Austria. The four members from different countries have a profound impact on their progressive, yet melodic music.

The story begins as LaDi moved from Iran, where female musical performances are prohibited, to pursue her career as a metal singer. After getting to know Niklas’ abilities on the guitar, her dream got one step closer to reality. During another project she befriended Peter, whose skills on the keyboard were a perfect fit for her vision also.

At this stage it was clear that the chemistry in the group was right and that Dissemination was starting to materialize as a band. So began the search for further band members.
Bram was an instant hit in the group with his down to earth personality, motivation, and as an experienced bass player.

After overcoming the struggles of COVID-19, the band was finally able to hit the studio and record their first single “Childish Theater”, which in their words is “a preview of what’s to come”.